Where I’ve Been

You’ve heard that quote from Susan Sonntag – “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”.

It applies to me. I’ve only been to a small percentage of the world, but I can’t wait to explore more and more of it. I’m not necessarily on a quest to visit every single country, but if the opportunity arose, there’s not anywhere I wouldn’t want to go.

This page will be a list of all the countries I have been to and links to all the blog posts I have written about each of them. It will be an easy way to find information if you are travelling to a specific place on my list.

A world map with the 61 countries Josie has visited is shaded in orange. At the bottom it says that is 31% of the world
Map made with the Been app.

I’ve been to 31% of the world – still a lot to go!

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The Countries

Click on the links below to see all the blog posts I have written on each country.