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Free Food Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria

I can already hear you scoffing – free food tour, it doesn’t exist! Well, it does in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Balkan Bites Food Tour has been operating in Sofia for three years now and is...

Travel Diaries – Bulgaria

Gap Year Days 111 – 123 Bulgaria! Yet another country that if you asked me about a few months ago I would have been hard pressed to even name the capital. I was so keen to visit though,...

Travel Diaries – Romania

Gap Year Days 96 – 111 As we made our way to Romania, I was thinking – I had 14 hours on the train from Prague, so plenty of time! – that I really don’t know anything about...

Travel Diaries – Prague

Gap Year Days 92 – 96 We had been sweltering in Brno, but as we arrived in Prague there was a welcome change in the weather. We where here for four days, and rain was forecast for all of them....

August 2017 Summary

At the end of each month I am going to send out a summary of the highlights of the month. I will tell you about any travel bargains I’ve found and update you on our plans for upcoming trips and...

Travel Diaries – Brno

Gap Year Days 88 – 92 Prague was always one of our “must visit” cities when we planned this trip. It got even more exciting when it was the placed we decided to meet with some...

Travel Diaries – Bratislava

Gap Year Days 85 – 88 Arriving into Bratislava felt like a new part of our journey. We were really getting into Eastern Europe now. If you had asked me six months ago where Bratislava was, I...

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