Welcome! I’m Josie, your average forty-something who has lived an ordinary life of work, marriage, mortgage and kids. I’ve got extraordinary dreams though, and travel is number one on the list! I have just returned from my “adult gap year” with my husband, and now want to share all my tips about how to travel like I’m living a champagne lifestyle while on a beer budget.

I’ve visited more than forty countries, and while doing so have stayed in every style of accommodation from hostels to five star hotels, I’ve flown budget airlines and first class suites, eaten street food and at Michelin-starred restaurants. I love the finer things in life, but to achieve them I had to compromise and consider the other end of the scale. I didn’t backpack or stay in hostels until my late thirties and now I enjoy that style of travel, especially if it means an occasional five star hotel or business class long haul flight. If I can achieve this balance, so can you!

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Things to do in Singapore on a Budget

Singapore is well know for being an expensive destination to visit, especially since it’s neighbours in South East Asia are all known for being great for budget travellers. While its never going to be as cheap as Vietnam or Thailand, there is...

Essential Items for Long Term Travel

It’s always a big thing when you are taking a gap year. You are about to head off on the biggest adventure of your life there is a big juggling act that needs to take place. You want to pack everything you will possibly need for your trip, but you only...

Travel Diaries – Sri Lanka

Gap Year Days 238 – 252 We landed at Colombo airport just before sunset, and immediately it was obvious Sri Lanka is very different to India. Due to their proximity, the two countries have always been kind of bundled together in my mind. I was wrong....

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