2023 – A Year in Travel

Josie standing with a large sign that says Sky Costanera. She is in front of windows and there is a scenic view over Santiago chile beyond.

Another year has passed, and before heading into the next one, it’s always fun to reflect on the year that has been. 2023 has been a mixed year. There were some incredible highs and some sad lows. I turned fifty towards the beginning of the year which saw the end of my “Fifty before 50” … Read more

2022 – A Year in Travel

Josie standing in front of a large yellow sign saying Expo 2020

Finally, after two years of dealing with the Covid pandemic, things were looking up in 2022. The world was opening up, and finally, so were Australia’s borders. I could travel more easily once again. International Travel But did I? Well, not really. I didn’t add a single new country to my tally, but I did … Read more

2021 – A Year in Travel

I was just sitting down thinking about this last year of travel. Covid has played a huge role again in 2021, and at first I was thinking I’ve not been anywhere worth mentioning. Maybe I could find five highlights and post them on Facebook. And then I started looking through my photos. Not the ones … Read more

Christmas Gifts for Travellers in 2023

Two pine cones, dusted in snow, with small red and white Santa hats on them. Includes the words Christmas gifts for travellers

Are you wondering what gifts to buy the travellers in your life this year for Christmas? With travel back on the cards, there are plenty of things the traveller will love this year. So what do you get that your traveller will really like? I’ve tried to come up with a few things that are … Read more

Revisiting the Past with Travel

Why do we travel? We travel for fun, to explore, to learn new things. We travel to visit friends, take up a new job, to relax, to learn about other cultures.  Another reason to travel is to revisit the past. We all have those nostalgic memories from when we were younger, but is it a … Read more

Hundertwasser Around the World

I first discovered Hundertwasser when I was researching for my visit to Vienna, Austria, a few years ago. I was immediately hooked on his quirky, colourful style. Since then, during my travels I’ve been keeping an eye out for Hundertwasser around the world. Who is Hundertwasser? Friedensreich Hundertwasser was born Friedrich Stowasser in Vienna in … Read more

10 Places That Have Sparked Joy in My Travels

When travelling, in between all the stress of getting around, the language barriers and the crowds, there are moments of pure joy. Something about the place you are in just sparks, and you have this wow moment. Sometimes it’s those bucket list places that you just know you are going to love, but more often … Read more

A Personal Update – 6 Months On

Many of you will have read my previous post (you can see it here) about life throwing me a bit of a curveball. In October last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While I’ve not been writing about that here on my travel blog, I thought now would be a good time to give … Read more