Credit Card vs Debit Card: Which to Choose?

A hand holding five stacked credit cards, including Apple Card, Capital One, and American Express, against a plain white background.

One of the most common questions I see in groups and forums online is how to pay for things in international currency. Should I get cash, credit card vs debit card, or how to find the best exchange rates. I’ve talked about how to access cash in this post, but now, let’s take a look … Read more

How Travel Helps You Redefine Yourself

A person in a black jacket sits on a rock, overlooking a mountain landscape with a golden sunrise in the background.

Ah, travel. It’s that magical, all-encompassing word that can make you feel both exhilarated and a little nervous all at once. We’ve all seen the glossy Instagram shots of pristine beaches, busy markets, and awe-inspiring landmarks. But beyond the photos and the “likes,” travel holds a profound power to transform everyone. It’s not just about … Read more

What I Packed – 8 weeks, Hot & Cold

A person stands on a snowy street carrying a large backpack and wearing winter clothing.

Packing for a trip can feel like solving a giant puzzle. You’ve got the excitement of your adventure ahead, but the dreaded task of deciding what to bring can be overwhelming. I mean, how many times have we all ended up packing way too much or forgetting something essential? I remember being so focused on … Read more

5 Unique Holiday Ideas For Couples To Try

An aerial photo on a nice sunny day looking across the calm blue sea and along the golden beaches and skyline of the Gold Coast, Australia, one of the great holiday ideas for couples

Going on vacation as a couple should be relaxing and exciting, and it’s something you’ll want to do regularly. That doesn’t mean you’ll want to go to the same places everyone else goes to and do the same things. Instead, take a look at these unique holiday ideas for couples. These can be much more … Read more

Should I Tip?

Some Euro notes and coins on a white saucer sitting on top of a receipt

Hello, my name is Josie. I am Australian and I (mostly) do not tip. Yes, I’m going there. I am going to write about this almost always-controversial aspect of travel – tipping. Nearly every time I see it brought up in discussions online, the conversation becomes heated. It goes from “you must tip because people … Read more

Why Sometimes I DON’T Book Direct

Looking down onto a woman seated at her laptop with an accommodation booking site on the screen. She holds a credit card and her passport is nearby

You hear it all the time “Book direct, you’ll get a better deal!” While sometimes that is the case, there are other times when booking through a third party makes more sense. Here is why I sometimes book direct and why sometimes I don’t. Contents1 When Do I Book Direct2 When I Don’t Book Direct3 … Read more

11 Travel Tips for Those One-Day Stopovers

A woman with a backpack and a camera standing in the middle of a street in Asia

Many of us look at those one-day stopovers as an inconvenience on our travel journey but perhaps more of us should be thinking of them as an opportunity; an opportunity to explore a whole new location and pack in as much as we can. Yes, you might be tired and you might just want to … Read more

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy While Camping

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy While Camping

Going camping is one of the most rewarding ways to take a break from the droning mundanity of city life. It yields numerous life-affirming benefits since you can enjoy silence and solitude while unplugging from your devices to feel more in tune with nature. Camping can also be a great way to get a change of scene. … Read more

8 Uncommon Ideas to Cut the Cost and Travel More

A man standing on a wall looking over the Great Wall of China

Fancy a lap around the globe but find your wallet’s wincing at the thought? Don’t panic! You don’t need to win the lottery or discover a forgotten bank account to fund your wanderlust. I have been scrimping and saving for years to fund my travels, but I always want to travel more than my budget … Read more

Eating Well While Travelling

A healthy airline meal

Do you bring home unwanted holiday weight when you travel? Is food a huge part of your travel budget? Here are some great tips to help with eating well while travelling to keep extra kilos away and dollars in your pockets. If you’re anything like me, you know that the joy of travel lies not … Read more