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With all the lack of travelling happening lately – and the likelihood that there won’t be a whole lot going on for the rest of this year – I have had a lot of time on my hands to think about the travel I want to do over the next (gulp!) almost-three-years! I’ve had a big trip planned for my fiftieth birthday for a while now, but what other things do I want to achieve? Here’s my Fifty before 50 bucket list!

While I’ve certainly been aware that life is too short and we need to grab it with both hands, my recent brush with breast cancer has brought about a new focus. We did so much amazing stuff on our gap year throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East and I am eternally grateful to have had that experience. I’ve seen and done things many people don’t ever get the opportunity to do. But now it’s time to stop saying “I’ll get there one day” and to instead put a deadline on some of the amazing things I still want to do in the hope that I will actually do them!

I’ve always been a list person. I have two lists of travel-related things I have been slowly ticking off over time. One is so old I have it on a printed out list  and I have no idea where it came from. The second I at least made a note of where it came from – the Qantas website at some time in the past!

I’ve been lucky enough to tick quite a few things off these lists, but there are some things I know I just won’t do – like running with the bulls in Pamplona, or touring Krak de Chevaliers, a medieval castle in Syria. The lists also don’t have a deadline. So I’ve decided to steal some things from those lists, include some other things not on the list and come up with my own fifty before 50 list.

If I write it down it has to happen right?

With the corona virus situation and since I have only 33 months to get through this list, I have mostly included international destinations I have already got penciled in for 2021 and ones I hope to get to in 2022. Most of the items are those local things I have been saying forever I need to do. Well, now is the time to do them!

Let’s just hope the borders open soon and I can get stuck into ticking some of these things off!

My Fifty before 50 List

  1. Trek in the Himalayas
  2. Go to Dubai Expo 2020
  3. Walk the Milford Track
  4. Visit my last Australian state – Western Australia
  5. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  6. Eat an insect
  7. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  8. See the Aurora Australis
  9. Watch sunrise at Mt Fuji
  10. Watch a game while doing the Adelaide Oval Roof Climb
  11. See the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier – when it’s actually blue!
  12. Visit Coober Pedy
  13. See the whales at Head of the Bight
  14. Eat feral food at the Parachilna Hotel
  15. Do a horse ride
  16. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  17. Visit the farm I grew up on
  18. Visit Kangaroo Island (again)
  19. Kayak with dolphins at Garden Island
  20. Fly first class
  21. Do a station stay
  22. Eat oysters at Coffin Bay (and at Smoky Bay)
  23. Do the Lion 360 experience at Monarto Safari Park
  24. Do a wine-blending class at the d’Arenberg Cube
  25. Stay in a glamping tent
  26. Do a ghost tour
  27. Eat a degustation menu at a fancy restaurant
  28. Cycle the Riesling Trail
  29. Swim with sea lions at Baird Bay
  30. Start walking the Heysen Trail
  31. Take a ride on Popeye – preferably one of the gin-tasting trips.
  32. Have a cocktail at 2KW (I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet either!)
  33. Go to Womadelaide
  34. Visit Darwin (and Kakadu National Park)
  35. Cruise to Antarctica
  36. Bush camp for more than one night.
  37. Go on a paddle steamer on the Murray River
  38. Do the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk
  39. Climb Cradle Mountain in Tasmania
  40. Swim in an outback waterhole
  41. Visit Sydney for the Vivid festival
  42. Drive the Great Ocean Road – without kids this time
  43. Visit all the silo art locations in South Australia
  44. Visit my last three South East Asian countries – Brunei, East Timor, Philippines
  45. Hiking in the Grampians
  46. Ride in a Helicopter
  47. Swim with great white sharks (almost done)
  48. Take a cooking class


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So there’s the list! I’ve had to think hard about the restrictions, both with travel and the time frame I have to do these in. There are a couple I am already worried about, in particular #44. There are also some here that are at the moment not possible. For example #6. At the moment I am vegetarian (for health reasons). I am not sure if this will change or not, but I have always said I could eat an insect at one of those markets in Asia that have all those bugs on sticks. I think it’s time to put my money where my mouth is! I need to have at least one or two items that will be challenging to make the list worthwhile.

You may have noticed the two blank lines at the end – I’ve left those on purpose, hoping my wonderful readers will give me some more ideas of things I have not even thought about that I can put there. I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. Tell me what is on the top of your bucket list, especially if it’s a fifty before 50 list!

I will come back here and update the list once I have completed each item. Since I need to accomplish these at about 1.5 items a month, I should be updating regularly!



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