The Fear of Getting Lost – A Traveller’s Perspective

It’s interesting when talking to other people, particularly those who don’t travel a lot, to discover aspects of travel that don’t even cross my mind. I was surprised to hear recently from someone that one of the reasons that they don’t travel very often, especially not by themselves, was that they were afraid of getting … Read more

Inspirational Travel Books

Recently at a large party as we entered we were handed a name tag and a pen. We were told to write our name, how we knew the birthday boy and our favourite thing. It took me all of a nanosecond to add “travel” under my name. A close second on my favourite things to … Read more

Five Countries I Would Love to Revisit

You know that travel quote “I haven’t been everywhere – but it’s on my list” from Susan Sontag? Well, it might be cliched, but that really is what it’s like for me. I just love to travel, to explore, to find new places and see new things. I’m also a bit of a list-checker! I … Read more

My Adult Gap Year in Review

I’ve been meaning to write this post for months now. I think when we got home from our trip in May 2018 there were just so many other things I wanted to do and say on my blog it just kind got pushed to the side. In retrospect, that was probably a good thing as … Read more

Our Ten Biggest Gap Year Failures

Travel Mishaps

We all know things go wrong when we travel. We travelled for over a year through forty countries and were lucky we didn’t have anything really disastrous occur, but there were definitely some things we did wrong and other things that went wrong that were out of our control. Here are the ten worst things … Read more