Sydney to Singapore – The Suites Way!

Our Singapore Airlines Suites class review from Sydney to Singapore.

Date: 17th April 2017
Flight: SQ222
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Seats 3C/D


As we began to plan for our gap year, I came up with the idea that I would love to leave Australia in style. At that time, the best option open to me was Singapore Suites. There was no way I was going to pay for these flights, so I made it my mission to accumulate enough points to book Sydney to Singapore.

Most of the points were earned on our Citibank credit card, and transferred to Krisflyer points just before the transfer rate was devalued. The rest of the points we transferred from our Velocity Frequent Flyer accounts, which allows direct transfer to Krisflyer.

Cost: 127,500 Krisflyer points for two tickets.

Before the Flight

Before we took the flight, we were able to go onto the Singapore website and select our seats and meals. With two of us travelling together, it was therefore the best option to select two adjoining middle seats. The middle suites open up into one cabin so that two people can share the (semi-) private space. For meals we could either go with an on board selection, or we could select a Book the Cook choice for a given menu. Simon chose to try the Lobster Thermidor, and I had Indian Lamb Shanks.

On arrival at Sydney International Airport we were quickly checked in at the dedicated first class checkin counter. We were given express passes that allowed us to skip most of the usual queues and were quickly airside and heading to the lounge. We had a TRS (Tax Refund Scheme) claim to do on the way though, which slowed us down a little.

Singapore Airlines has a dedicated first class lounge at Sydney Airport. On entry, what looked like a frosted glass panel slid open to give us access to the hidden lounge. We made a beeline to the seats overlooking the tarmac and were almost immediately offered a drink or food. We of course chose the obligatory champagne. Soon after we ordered a light lunch from the menu.

After lunch we settled in to test out the free wifi as we caught up on blogging, Facebook and emails. I think we were bad “customers” and didn’t eat and drink as much as most people as we were consistently being offered more. I did relent and have a second glass of champagne.

Singapore Airlines first class lounge
The first champagne in the Singapore Airlines First lounge
Singapore Airlines First lounge
Cosy seating area
Singapore Airlines first lounge
Dining area.
Singapore Airlines first lounge
Self serve food and drinks
Singapore Airlines first class lounge
Part of the food selection
Singapore Airlines first class lounge
Lentil soup.
Singapore Airlines first class lounge
Simon’s first satays for the trip

While the Singapore Airlines lounge offers a first class experience, it is small. We could also access the Air New Zealand lounge, so we made our way there to have a look at that one too. This time we had dessert – and more champagne!

Air New Zealand lounge
Air New Zealand lounge
Air New Zealand lounge
Air New Zealand lounge
Air New Zealand lounge
One of the lounge areas
Air New Zealand Lounge Dessert
Some of the dessert choices
Air New Zealand lounge
And another champage, with creme brûlée this time

The Flight

We made our way to the gate to find boarding had just commenced. Instead of joining the long line of people, we skipped past smirking (okay, not really!) to the priority lane. After handing over our boarding passes, we were personally escorted onto the plane and into our seats. We were grinning from ear to ear as we inspected the suites and settled in.

Singapore Suites Seats

We were barely in our seats before being offered drinks before take off – more champagne of course! I very rarely drink sparkling wines because they go straight to my head and turn me into a giggly teenager. This was now champagne number four. The silly grin was becoming permanent!

The flight attendants gave us our amenities kits, pyjamas, socks, slippers and eye masks all ready for us to get comfortable during the flight.

Singapore Suites
Ladies Amenities Kit
Singapore Suites
Mens Amenities Kit

Even though we had Booked the Cook, soon after take off our orders were taken from the menu for the rest of our meal. While we were waiting, we were offered another drink! We were going to Singapore on Singapore Airlines, so we just had to have a Singapore Sling!

Singapore Suites
Refreshments menu
Singapore Suites
Western Australian Rock Lobster
Singapore Airlines Suites
Chilled Malossol Caviar with Melba toast and condiments.
Singapore Airlines Suites
Roasted Red Capsicum and Tomato Soup with goat cheese and oregano
Singapore Suites
Salad of Mesculun, Dried Cranberry, Shaved Fennel and Parmesan with native bush tomato-native current balsamic vinaigrette
Singapore Suites
Indian lamb shank curry with vegetables and pilaff rice
Singapore Airlines Suites
Lobster Thermidor with buttered asparagus, slow-roasted vine-ripened tomato, and saffron rice
Singapore Suites
Tropical Queensland Coconut Panna Cotta with rosella sauce and fruit salad

Our meals were delicious, and different wines were offered with each course. Clearly they were hoping we would drink ourselves to sleep! For me it was working.

The flight attendants cleared our plates and then converted our suites into beds. We changed into the pyjamas given to us and came back to find cute little teddy bears on the beds. A cute touch!

The bathrooms in Suites class are much larger than usual, therefore changing in them is much easier. The flight attendants clean them after each use, so they are always spotless. There are extras such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, shaving kits, cologne, brushes and combs etc available in the bathroom.

I got about four hours solid sleep. This flight was an evening flight, so a few hours nap was lovely. I am not a good sleeper on planes, and even in business class I have struggled to sleep, but not this time. It was comfortable and quiet with the doors and windows of our suite all shut so there was little disturbance.

Once I woke, I tested out the Bose noise cancelling earphones to watch a movie. It is also rare on flights for me to use the entertainment system. I tend to find the earphones uncomfortable and annoying so prefer to amuse myself with a good book.

Singapore Suites
Bose noise cancelling headphones

About an hour out of Singapore the flight attendants served our refreshment – and of course offered more wine! I know I am a bit of a light-weight drinker, but surely no one consumes this many glasses of alcohol while flying! (And whoops, I forgot to photograph the refreshment!)

On landing we were first off the plane, so quickly through immigration. Our bags had been labelled “Priority” and   so were amongst the first on the baggage carousel. Within only a few minutes we were on our way into Singapore.

The Verdict

How am I ever going to go back to economy? Everything was just so easy on this trip. It’s hard for me to make a true judgement on whether or not this was a good first class flight as I have not been on any others, but it was certainly preferable to economy by a long way. It was also much more comfortable that the business class flights I have done previously on Emirates Boeing 777. It really does make such a difference landing and then not feeling like a zombie after a long haul flight.

Suites class is definitely worth the points I spent on the flight. Unfortunately due to changes in the frequent flyer programs, this trip will be more expensive in the future. Paying cash for this flight would not be an option for me, but I will be saving my points for more business and first class flights. I am also looking forward to one day trying Singapore Airlines new suites which should be rolled out later in 2017.

Postscript: Adding this after our twelve hour economy flight on Singapore Airlines between Singapore and Copenhagen a few months later. I am DEFINITELY saving my points for business class. This flight in economy was so not fun!

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14 thoughts on “Sydney to Singapore – The Suites Way!”

  1. This sounds like awfully good fun, but I was thinking the whole way through – how would you go back to economy? The closest I’ve come to an experience like this was having a whole row to myself on 12 hour flights to spread out and sleep, haha.

    • The one time I got a whole row to myself the arms wouldn’t go all the way up and it was still really uncomfortable! Over the last few years I have always had kids sleeping on me if there was even the sniff of an extra seat next to us they could also use.

  2. It looks like you made the most of your lounge time. Did you do any blogging while you were chugging down the champagne?

    My own First experience on Emirates resulted in ZERO lounge time, at least in Sydney. I’d say your trip was a bit easier on the eye; Emirates goes for a more glitzy look, which I find a teeny bit jarring, at least until the bubbly kicks in.

    On the other hand, having a shower aboard is a nice touch. Comparing your report with my memories, I’d say we came out pretty much even.

    And yes, making a longhaul flight in Economy after this one must have been a chore!

    • No blogging in the lounges! I had planned to do some, but ended up talking on the phone to my family for most of the time between food and drinks. Yes, I was one of THOSE annoying people! Besides, the amount of champagne I was drinking, it was probably a good thing I didn’t try to write – I could have said anything!

      Emirates First Class is on my wish list. One day I will do that too.

  3. How Fabulous.
    The Menu looks good.
    Your Suites looked wonderful.
    I also ordered a Singapore Sling on my last Flight to Singapore but it was too sweet for me. You simply must go to Raffles for one next time. Woootwooo

    • Thanks Carol. We got as close as we ever have to Raffles this trip – we could see the roof from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark lol. I did suggest walking there, but the pool called us instead.

  4. Slightly jealy! Mostly because I just came off a long economy flight a day ago!

    Haha just kidding of course.

    GLad you enjoyed the first class experience! I’m gonna get there soon enough! Speaking it into existence?x

  5. X-D I can’t even imagine the economy flight back!! This looks absolutely amazing and you’ve inspired me to save specifically to upgrade in the future. Love this!


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