Best Way to Earn Qantas Points – Without Getting on a Plane

Did you know you can earn more than enough Qantas points to fly without even getting on a plane? For a long time I had no idea. Here are some of the best ways to earn Qantas Points while on the ground.

We all dream about that around the world trip, flying in first class, staying at luxurious resorts and eating at the best restaurants. What we don’t dream about is the price tag to go along with it. Unless we win the lottery this trip will probably stay a dream.

Learning how to earn frequent flyer points on everyday spending can get you out of economy and into business, and perhaps even that elusive first class seat. Here are some ways to earn Qantas points without getting on a plane

Credit Cards

The number one way to earn points is through credit cards. Not just using credit cards though. The most points will be earned through sign up bonuses that the cards offer from time to time. If you are really trying to maximise your points, keep your eyes open for deals to entice you to sign up for a new card.

Often the annual fee will be waived for the first year, but if it is not then it’s important to weigh up the cost against not only the sign up points, but the other things the card offers. For example, the card may have an annual fee of $400AUD, but if it comes with 50000 bonus points, a return domestic flight, some lounge passes and travel insurance. The fee pays for itself.

Be aware also that Amex will often give you more sign up points if you use as referral link given to you by a friend. Usually the friend benefits too, so it’s win-win for you both, an incentive once you have signed up to share with more friends as a way to earn even more points.

While sign up bonuses can give you big chunks of points quickly, using your credit card for the correct purchases can also make a big difference. It is likely you will need two or three cards to maximise your points. Some will earn better at supermarkets, others at restaurants. In general Amex will earn more points, but a MasterCard or Visa will be accepted in more places. Some cards will earn more on overseas spending and airline purchases.

Be aware that B-Pay won’t earn points, so find other ways to pay, and often payments to utilities and government agencies may not earn points on some cards. It’s a matter of getting the right balance of cards to suit your lifestyle and spending habits.

Note – If you do not pay your credit card off in full each month, using a credit card is not worth it. The interest you pay will cost you more than it would cost to buy the flights outright. If you cannot be strict on that, don’t get a credit card.

Grocery Shopping

We all have to buy groceries, and by shopping at Woolworths and using your Woolworths Rewards card you can earn Qantas frequent flyer points. The way the system is at the moment, it will take quite a bit of ordinary shopping to earn enough points for a flight, but as with credit cards, it’s important to look out for the bonus deals.

Sign up for the newsletter, and take notice when it arrives to see if there are any deals you can use. Often you will need to register for them through the email before you shop. Remember too that you can double dip by using your credit card to buy the groceries, earning points on both your credit card and Woolworths Rewards card.

Shopping Online

Qantas has an online shopping portal that will pay you points for clicking through to their preferred suppliers. The list is long, but includes some big name retailers like David Jones, eBay, The Iconic, Apple, iTunes, Priceline Pharmacy and so many more. The amount of points you earn varies, and you have to ensure you click through from the Qantas site before your purchase. Again, use your points earning credit card for your purchase to earn even more points.

Accommodation & Car Hire

Both accommodation and car hire can be booked through the Qantas website to earn points. Always compare prices to ensure they are competitive, and keep an eye out for deals that may include bonus points or extra discounts.

Qantas have also now paired with AirBnB, so it’s not just hotels that will earn you points. Again, you must click through the portal on the Qantas website to earn points.

Haven’t tried AirBnB before? Sign up through this link beforehand and receive $50AUD credit to put towards your first booking.


Qantas has it’s own health insurance called Qantas Assure. Not only can you earn points for signing up for it, there are ongoing earning opportunities through the Qantas Assure app for keeping healthy. So you can earn points just by walking! It’s worth getting the emails and app because every now and then they have an offer where they will give you some points even if you haven’t signed up for the insurance. Easy points in my opinion.

Qantas also partners with other companies to give you points on life insurance and travel insurance.

As always, look into the details of the insurance before you buy to see if it suits you and your situation.

Phone & Other Utilities

Qantas has partnered with Vodaphone, so now even your phone plan could earn you more points. As could buying your new phone through Samsung. Here’s one way to justify that huge phone bill and new phone.


Next time you are heading out for a meal, consider making the booking through the Qantas Restaurant portal on their website. There are no booking fees, and you will earn 100 Qantas points for each person who dines. Free points with only a few minutes of effort.


If you are a regular wine drinker, join up with Qantas epiQure for fantastic wine deals delivered to your door. Not only do they have some great special offers, they also regularly have bonus deals that can be a good little points earner.


Yes, even playing golf can earn you Qantas points! Qantas have their very own golf club. Once you join up, points can be earned on anything purchased on the Qantas site, like booking tee times at many different golf courses across Australia.

Qantas Cash

Your Qantas membership card also works as a cash card, either within Australia or overseas. This is a good option to use instead of a credit card if you don’t have one. You won’t earn as many points, but you do earn some. If you are using it overseas, be sure you are happy with the conversion rates and fees before you go.

And There’s More

Yes, seriously, there are even more earning opportunities! It is possible to earn points on parking, energy bills, real estate, foreign exchange, cruises, and printing, just to name a few. Qantas are also regularly adding more ways to earn points. Head on over to the Qantas Points website to read all about all these and other ways to earn points.

But what if you don’t fly with Qantas? While I have specifically talked about Qantas here, many of these methods are similar between the airlines. Look at your program’s website, and see what ways you can earn.

I have flown business class on Emirates thanks to my Qantas points. See my review of my first ever business class flight here.

While I didn’t use Qantas points, I was able to fly Suites Class on Singapore Airlines thanks to frequent flyer points. Here’s my post about that flight.

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28 thoughts on “Best Way to Earn Qantas Points – Without Getting on a Plane”

  1. Ooh I didn’t know about the Airbnb thing! I do otherwise similar stuff with Velocity (Virgin) points and Coles etc etc but I probably should be on the look out for Qantas stuff too – the Airbnb thing is a bonus – thank you!

    • To be honest, I also shop at Coles and get Velocity points πŸ™‚ If you only collect those, jump onto the website and have a good read – there are so many opportunities there too. In fact their online mall is much more extensive. Also buying fuel at BP is another way to earn Velocity points.

  2. Great tips. We can directly relate to this as we have been doing this for years with Qantas. The points really stack up especially if you are able to put most of your spending on a card (and pay if off each month) and sign up for the new cards with bonus points. It really does work. Over the last 5 years we have done 2 around the world flights with multiple stops each and one of the around the world trips was in Business Class the whole trip. We are mad point collectors and have enough again to do another world trip in Business.

    • Were those around the world trips Oneworld awards? They provide brilliant value in my opinion. I have done one, taking my family of four. I love this points “game”. It has allowed me to travel so much more and in comfort too. Early in our current trip we did a long haul economy trip (12 hours) and I swore never again! Anything over about eight hours I will find a way to get business seats πŸ™‚

  3. Great tips! I have my shopping cards all linked up – would be great to get some free flights! Especially as I am in Mackay and the only quick way out is to fly lol!

    • Yes, I don’t think I’d want to drive to, well, almost anywhere from Mackay, it’s so far. Lovely part of the world though! I hope you can use some of these tips to boost your points.

    • Thanks Rianne. Unfortunately the Australian Government has made some changes that – to cut a long story short – means the earning potential of Amex cards has been diminished. Hopefully the retailers/banks/Amex between them come up with some new options.

  4. Handy guide, thanks. I do this for British Airways, they have a shopping portal you can go through to collect points online- think I’ve earned more that way than flying!

    • I have definitely earned more points through shopping than flying! Taking advantage of these other ways to earn points gets you those free flights so much quicker.

  5. Uber now have a deal with Qantas where you can earn points on trips from airport. Was really glad to read about that AFTER taking one from Melbs airport to my house, haha.

    • Hahaha, yes, I saw that too not long ago and got excited for a minute – until I realised it’s only on Uber rides to/from Australian airports. I could be raking in the points as I travel if it was worldwide.

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