Is the Park Güell Tour Worth It? Here’s My Take

The view across Barcelona from the panoramic terrace of Park Güell. In the foreground is a curved wall with colourful mosaics on it

As soon as I knew I was visiting Barcelona I knew I would go to the Sagrada Familia. Second on my wishlist was Park Güell. I didn’t know much about it, so I decided to do a Park Güell tour. But was it worth it? Contents1 About Park Güell2 Park Güell Tour3 So is it … Read more

5 Unique Holiday Ideas For Couples To Try

An aerial photo on a nice sunny day looking across the calm blue sea and along the golden beaches and skyline of the Gold Coast, Australia, one of the great holiday ideas for couples

Going on vacation as a couple should be relaxing and exciting, and it’s something you’ll want to do regularly. That doesn’t mean you’ll want to go to the same places everyone else goes to and do the same things. Instead, take a look at these unique holiday ideas for couples. These can be much more … Read more

Dubai Bucket List – Must Do Activities

The Dubai skyline features the Burj Khalifa with a purple and orange dawn or dusk sky.

Visiting Dubai for the first time soon? I’ve got you covered with the must-do activities to get the most from your visit. It was Dubai that instilled the travel bug in me. Back in 2008 we almost moved here. Before then I had barely travelled, but coming here to look at houses and schools really … Read more

Top 5 Most Visited Dubai Museums

A beautiful ring-shaped silver building etched with Arabic writing

When thinking about Dubai, museums are probably not the first attraction that comes to mind. There are several in the city though, so let’s take a look at the most visited Dubai Museums. I have to admit, over my many visits to Dubai, I have often not considered visiting the museums. There are some I’ve … Read more

Things to Do in The Barossa Valley

a symmetrical stone two story building with a formal garden and a large lawn in front

Looking for things to do in the Barossa Valley? I’ve got you! Just an hour’s drive north of Adelaide, you’ll find South Australia’s best-known wine region – the Barossa Valley. Synonymous with top-shelf wines that have earned it worldwide acclaim, you can’t help but wonder – once the swirls, sniffs and sips are done, what … Read more

Attractions in Changi Airport for Your Layover

The outside of a large glass-domed building with a glass walkway leading to it. In the background is an air control tower.

Do you have a layover in Singapore? I’ve got you covered with these attractions in Changi Airport to keep you busy. Singapore is one of those airport hubs that many connecting flights pass through. For me, it’s a direct flight from my home port of Adelaide, with flights then fanning out all over the world. … Read more

Should I Tip?

Some Euro notes and coins on a white saucer sitting on top of a receipt

Hello, my name is Josie. I am Australian and I do not tip. Yes, I’m going there. I am going to write about this almost always-controversial aspect of travel – tipping. Nearly every time I see it brought up in discussions online, the conversation becomes heated. It goes from “you must tip because people rely … Read more

1 Day in Dubai Itinerary

A man and two women standing in the Dubai sand dunes. Behind them is a white 4WD

Do you only have 1 day in Dubai? This itinerary will give you a bit of everything. Dubai is one of those places that is a convenient travel hub, especially for those of us travelling from Australia to Europe. That means it’s a great place for a stopover, whether to break up the long trip, … Read more

Hiking to Mt Kosciuszko from Charlotte Pass

Josie standing near the edge of a mountain looking at the view beyond

It’s been on my bucket list for a while now, but finally, I have completed the hike to Mt Kosciuszko from Charlotte Pass. If you’ve also been dreaming of conquering Australia’s tallest peak, it is possible for us mere mortals who don’t climb mountains. Now that I have navigated this beautiful, challenging terrain, I can … Read more