24hrs in Barcelona

Large metallic sculptures of the letters "B", "A", "R", "C", and "P" arranged in a public square, with trees and historic stone buildings in the background.

Barcelona, Spain, is one of my new favourite cities. I’ve visited twice in the last three months, but my second visit was oh-so-brief. If you can also only spare a little time for this amazing destination, I’ve got you! Here is how I spent 24 hours in Barcelona, and how you can too. On my … Read more

Sagrada Familia: Guided Tour or General Admission?

The outside of a intricate gothic cathedral

I’ve had a unique opportunity to visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona twice within three months this year and I choose to do two different types of visits to compare. Now I can compare a guided tour with general admission, to help you choose the right one for your visit. Contents1 Why the Sagrada Familia?2 … Read more

Finding Gaudi in Barcelona

The interior of a modern church with tall white pillars and brightly coloured stained glass windows

Most people have heard of the Sagrada Familia, often called Gaudi’s masterpiece, but do you realise that there are a whole pile of Gaudi attractions in Barcelona? I sure didn’t when I first visited, but now that I have been twice, I’ve managed to see a few of them and have discovered even more. So … Read more

Is the Park Güell Tour Worth It? Here’s My Take

The view across Barcelona from the panoramic terrace of Park Güell. In the foreground is a curved wall with colourful mosaics on it

As soon as I knew I was visiting Barcelona I knew I would go to the Sagrada Familia. Second on my wishlist was Park Güell. I didn’t know much about it, so I decided to do a Park Güell tour. But was it worth it? Contents1 About Park Güell2 Park Güell Tour3 So is it … Read more