Must Try Food in Singapore

Header for "Must try food in Singapore" showing five different foods - carrot cake, oyster omelette, char kway teow, satay and nasi lemak

Singapore and its food instantly come to mind whenever I reminisce about my travels. I relish the opportunity to make a pit stop in Singapore when flying to or from Australia, just to satisfy my cravings. Even if it’s just a quick visit to the airport food court, I make it a point to enjoy … Read more

Top Tips for Singapore

Singapore streetscape with old buildings in front of new ones. The header for Top Tips in Singapore blog post.

Are you dreaming of exploring a vibrant and dynamic city that boasts a blend of cultures, traditions, and modernity? Then let me introduce you to the exciting and mesmerising city-state of Singapore! I’ve visited eight times now, my most recent visit for seven days, and here are my top tips for Singapore to help you … Read more

Is Marina Bay Sands Worth It?

Hands up if you have a stay at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Singapore on your bucket list? You are not alone! I think half the world wants to swim in that famous rooftop infinity pool. Have you gone as far as to look up the price to stay there for a night? It’s usually … Read more

23 Fun Things to do in Singapore on a Budget

Things to do in SIngapore on a Budget

Singapore is well know for being an expensive destination to visit, especially since it’s neighbours in South East Asia are all known for being great for budget travellers. While it’s never going to be as cheap as Vietnam or Thailand, there is definitely plenty of things to do in Singapore on a budget. By including … Read more