Dubai Bucket List – Must Do Activities

The Dubai skyline features the Burj Khalifa with a purple and orange dawn or dusk sky.

Visiting Dubai for the first time soon? I’ve got you covered with the must-do activities to get the most from your visit. It was Dubai that instilled the travel bug in me. Back in 2008 we almost moved here. Before then I had barely travelled, but coming here to look at houses and schools really … Read more

Top 5 Most Visited Dubai Museums

A beautiful ring-shaped silver building etched with Arabic writing

When thinking about Dubai, museums are probably not the first attraction that comes to mind. There are several in the city though, so let’s take a look at the most visited Dubai Museums. I have to admit, over my many visits to Dubai, I have often not considered visiting the museums. There are some I’ve … Read more

1 Day in Dubai Itinerary

A man and two women standing in the Dubai sand dunes. Behind them is a white 4WD

Do you only have 1 day in Dubai? This itinerary will give you a bit of everything. Dubai is one of those places that is a convenient travel hub, especially for those of us travelling from Australia to Europe. That means it’s a great place for a stopover, whether to break up the long trip, … Read more

Travel Diaries – Dubai


Eurotrip 2019 It’s been a year in the making, but at last we are on our way back to Europe! We will have six weeks road tripping through picturesque mountains, visiting castles and eating all sorts of delicious food – but first, a quick stop over in Dubai on the way over. This article may … Read more