Visiting the Royal BC Museum, Victoria

In all the reading I had come across during my research for our trip to Canada I had seen one or two mentions of the Royal BC Museum, usually accompanied by a comment something like “worth seeing”. I hadn’t seen anything else on the museum, or read any other opinions, so I had put it … Read more

Best Hostels in Vancouver BC

During my trip to Canada and the USA I was in and out of Vancouver a few times, which gave me the opportunity to stay in some of the different hostels in downtown Vancouver. Here are my Vancouver hostel reviews, including which I think are the best hostels in Vancouver, BC. For all the hostels … Read more

Five Fun Kelowna Wineries for Wine Tasting

During my recent visit to Canada we did a road trip from Vancouver to Calgary. The first stop of the trip was Kelowna, chosen because it is the hub of the Okanagan Valley wine region. We had only one afternoon to spent in the area, and chose five Kelowna wineries for wine tasting during our … Read more

Travel Diaries – Vancouver (Part Two)

On our arrival back into Vancouver from our cruise, we docked at about 7am. It took until about 9am for us to disembark, and another hour or so before we dropped off our luggage at our hostel. Our plan was to head out and explore Vancouver some more for the day. We were checking out … Read more

Travel Diaries – Vancouver Island

After a few days in Vancouver, Bailey, Simon and I were off to Vancouver Island. We decided to go the public transport route and in the end I was glad we did because everything worked like clockwork and we saved a packet! We went by train, bus, ferry, then another bus and all up it … Read more