How to Get from Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach

One of the most popular suburbs to stay in when visiting Australia’s city of Gold Coast is Broadbeach. It’s a little bit out of the main Surfer’s Paradise strip but with good transport connections, and the location of the casino, convention centre and the Pacific Fair shopping centre. It is, of course, also right on the beautiful Gold Coast beach. It’s an easy choice to stay here, but then you ask the big question – how to get from the Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach?

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Public Bus from Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach

The public bus is the way I get from the airport to where I am staying at Broadbeach. Bus number 777 can be caught right outside the terminal and has been set up for airport travel with room to store luggage. It travels along the Gold Coast Highway to the Broadbeach South interchange (near the Hooker Boulevard intersection). With limited stops along the way, it almost acts like an express bus. The buses leave every fifteen minutes between 7am and 7pm, with less frequent services after this. (No services between 11pm and 4am). See full timetable here.

There are two different ways to pay for the ticket on the 777 bus. You can pay the driver as you get onto the bus, and the adult cash fare is $6.00 (concession $3.00) per person.

The second way to pay is with a Go Card, the Queensland public transport card. If you pick up a Go Card and preload it with some credit, you can use this to ride trains, buses and trams all over the state. If you have a Go Card, the 777 trip from the airport to Broadbeach will be either $4.11 (concession $2.06) during peak times, or $3.29 (concession $1.64) during off peak hours.

(Off peak hours are from 9:30 to 3:30 on weekdays, from 7pm to 6am weekdays, all weekend and public holidays)

The easiest place to get a Go Card when you arrive at the Gold Coast Airport is from the HUB Convenience store, located right near the baggage belts for domestic arrivals. There are tourist versions, but I recommend getting a regular Go Card if you plan to use public transport to get around during the rest of your visit too. See more information about Go Card here.

Before you leave the Gold Coast you can get a refund for any remaining credit on your Go Card. Unfortunately you cannot do this at the airport. You will need to do it at the Broadbeach South station, which unfortunately means you have to pay for the bus trip back to the airport by cash. A bit silly, and I hope this is reviewed in the future to allow refunds at the airport.

For information, there is an alternative bus, but you will have to leave the airport and walk for about ten minutes out to a bus stop on the highway. This is bus number 700, and stops at all the stops on the way to Broadbeach. It leaves more often, but with the time taken to walk to catch it, and the longer time to get to Broadbeach, the only time I can see that it would be useful would be if you need to get off a stop or two earlier and the 777 doesn’t stop at that bus stop. Costs are the same.

If you need to travel further than the Broadbeach South Station, you can swap there to the Gold Coast tram which continues on north towards Surfers Paradise and beyond. The Go Card is used for tram fares too, and if you transfer from the bus straight to the tram it will be considered as one trip.

Skybus from Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach

** Skybus services have been suspended due to Covid. This information will be updated when they resume.

The Skybus is a great service to get you from the Gold Coast airport directly to your hotel or apartment building. It leaves from right outside the domestic arrivals terminal, and drops off at over 400 properties. This would be a great option if you do not want to walk from the bus stop or if you have a lot of luggage. The buses are comfortable with plenty of room for luggage and there is free wifi throughout the trip.

Skybus tickets are $15 each way and can be bought either at the ticket office or e-ticket kiosk right near the baggage belts in the domestic arrivals hall, or you can buy them on line in advance here and get a small discount on return tickets.

Con-X-ion bus from Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach

This is another shuttle bus company that runs small mini-bus transfers between Gold Coast Airport and many locations all over the Gold Coast, including Broadbeach. I am mentioning it but it is a similar service to the Skybus and is more expensive at $25, so it possibly isn’t the first choice. Where it would be useful though is if you need to go somewhere that the Skybus won’t take you, including private homes, for example if you are staying at an AirBnB.

Click here to book your tickets in advance

Taxi from Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach

As you walk out of the arrivals area you will find plenty of taxis available at Gold Coast Airport. Generally you will find them to your right as you exit the doors. Taxis do not need to be booked in advance and there will almost always be one available for you to leave immediately. Look for the staff members in the yellow vests to help you out if you require assistance. The taxis will charge you a flat rate to Broadbeach of $55 for a standard vehicle (1-4 people) and $65 for 5+ people.

Ride Share from Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach

Both Uber and Ola are available on the Gold Coast. As you leave the airport, the ride share pickup point is located to your left. On checking some dummy fares from the airport to Broadbeach, I found both Uber and Ola to have cars available within a few minutes, and both quoted prices between $35 and $40, with Uber being slightly cheaper for a standard fare.

Private Transfer from Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach

If you would like to have someone meet you inside the airport and take you straight to your accomodation in your own private car, then a private transfer is the way to go.

Book your private transfer here in advance

Hire Car from Gold Coast Airport to Broadbeach

If you are hiring a car for your visit to the Gold Coast then you will be able to pick it up from the airport on arrival. You will find all of the major car rental companies in Australia have an office in the airport, but it is best to book in advance to ensure a car is available for you.

Use to compare prices from all the rental companies in one search here

Now that you have sucessfully made your way to your Broadbeach accommodation, have a fantastic holiday on the Gold Coast!

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