20 Places to Experience the Australian Outback

A woman standing by a dirt road making a heart with her hands in the Australian Outback

The best parts of Australia are not in the cities! I truly believe that! So where? It’s the mountains, the reef, the rainforest and of course, the Outback! Here are the best places to experience the Australian Outback and really learn what this country is about. But Where is the Australian Outback? I’m not sure … Read more

How to Visit the Melbourne Beach Boxes

Trying to work out how to get to the Melbourne beach boxes? I have been to Melbourne many times over the years, but I had never been down to Brighton Beach to see the iconic Melbourne bathing boxes. There are 82 of these colourful little huts all lined up on the beach, overlooking Port Phillip … Read more

Iconic Foods to Try in Australia

A wooden arrow sign painted with the Australian flag points to the right against a sunset background.

Here in Australia we are, well, a little bit different. Somehow, over the last 230 years since the First Fleet landed on Australian soil, we have developed some unusual tastes. If you are visiting, why not include these foods to try in Australia to your itinerary. If our unique foods had developed from taking some … Read more