Great Barrier Reef Experience, Cairns

Aerial view of a section of the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism in the world and it can be seen from space. It is also on many bucket lists, including mine. I recently ticked it off with an amazing cruise from Down Under Cruise & Dive. Learn about how you can have a Great Barrier Reef experience too. … Read more

20 Things to do in Vancouver (and Nearby)

A Canadian flag (red/white/red vertical strips with a red maple leaf in the white section) flying in front of a bridge over a harbour with boats in it

Vancouver is a beautiful city on the West Coast of Canada. There are many things to do in Vancouver, from stunning mountains to ocean views, a foodies paradise to hiking the many trails; Vancouver has it all. Being in a city with many things to do may make you feel overwhelmed about where to start. … Read more

Cairns Without a Car – 7 Must-do Day Tours

Views across a huge swimming pool at sunrise. There is a bird in the foreground

Cairns is a popular holiday destination, but not everyone wants to rent a car while there. Here is how to visit Cairns without a car and still see all the amazing attractions the area is known for. Cairns is a city in Queensland, Australia, known for its natural beauty and warm climate. It’s a popular … Read more

Eating Vegan in Cairns

A colourful selection of twelve different vegan ice cream options

Finding good vegan food while travelling can be a challenge. Here are all the best places I found when eating vegan in Cairns, Queensland. Ochre This is one of those lovely, but touristy, restaurants along the marina where the view over the water is half of the appeal. Ochre is billed as a Modern Australian … Read more

How to Get From Cairns Airport to City

A blue and white street sign pointing the way to Cairns Airport

I just spent way too long researching how to get from Cairns Airport to city, so I’m sure there are other people out there trying to work out the same thing. Here is everything I have learned about Cairns Airport transfers. The distance from Cairns Airport to the city centre isn’t very far, in fact, … Read more

Visiting Iguazu Falls

A view over the Iguazu Falls as they stretch into the distant jungle. There is a rainbow in the foreground

As soon as I mentioned to people that I was going to South America, those who had been would ask if I was visiting Iguazu Falls. Initially, my answer was no, but in hindsight, that would have been a mistake. Learn about Iguazu Falls, how to get there and more in this complete guide to … Read more

Crossing the Nullarbor

A road sign that says "Nullarbor Plain Eastern End of Treeless Plain"

It’s one of the iconic road trips in Australia, but also one filled with isolation, long distances and the unknown. Here is everything you need to know before crossing the Nullarbor. Whether you’re embarking on this adventure to witness the sheer vastness of the plain, explore its unique geological formations, or simply experience the thrill … Read more

Things to Consider Before an Antarctic Cruise

Looking along the side of an Antarctic cruise ship. The white continent can be seen in the distance.

Are you considering a trip to Antarctica? Based on my experience, here are some of the things you might want to know. Cruising on Holland America Line to Antarctica This is a personal preference, but the important thing to know is that you do not get off the ship while in Antarctica. This has both … Read more

Exploring the Bunbury Street Art

A historical mural on a wall surrounding a tall building made of white and glass

More than once I have been told that when I came to Western Australia I had to check out the Bunbury street art. I have now had a chance to do just that, and here’s all the information so you can do the same. A Little About Bunbury, Western Australia Bunbury is a city in … Read more