Travel Diaries – Vietnam


Gap Year Days 270 – 281 I was looking forward to getting back to Vietnam. We had spent three weeks here almost exactly five years ago, and had enjoyed our visit to Hoi An then, and wanted to spend a more time around the central area of Vietnam. It had been hot in Cambodia, but … Read more

Travel Diaries – Cambodia

Gap Year Days 260 – 270 After the chaos of leaving Macau we arrived at our hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, at around 9am having had little to no sleep. As we booked our accomodation here while at the airport yesterday, we decided to spend six days in Phnom Penh. This was only the second … Read more

Travel Diaries – Macau


Gap Year Days 257 – 259 We hadn’t been to Macau before, and once I had added Hong Kong to the itinerary, it was a no-brainer to also pop over to Macau for a couple of nights. I hadn’t really had much interest in Macau previously, but we were so close, had a day or … Read more

Travel Diaries – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Gap Year Days 238 – 252 We landed at Colombo airport just before sunset, and immediately it was obvious Sri Lanka is very different to India. Due to their proximity, the two countries have always been kind of bundled together in my mind. I was wrong. The first clue was that on the dual lane … Read more

Travel Diaries – India


Gap Year Days 222 – 238 Oh, boy, India! I have wanted to go here for, well, forever! But it has also been the country I was most scared to travel to. How was I going to cope with the poverty and all the people and all the noise? I can’t stand crowds at the … Read more

Travel Diaries – Turkey


Gap Year Days 173 – 188 I had been looking forward to getting back to Turkey since we were here 18 months ago. Sure, Turkey is not the number one place many want to travel to at the moment but we have felt perfectly safe during both of our visits and I am fairly sure … Read more