Things to Do in Clarke Quay, Singapore

Here are all the things to do in Clarke Quay Singapore – a popular spot to visit on your holiday.

Clarke Quay is a leisure and riverside shopping complex in Singapore. Located between Fort Canning Park and the Singapore River, Clarke Quay has it all… shopping, restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightlife.

There are rooftop bars, live music venues, partying, boozing, everything offering a lively atmosphere. If you want a slower pace of life, you can go cycling, walking, or sit beside the river.

Clarke Quay is named after Singapore’s second Governor, Sir Andrew Clarke (1873-1875). In colonial times, it used to be a commercial centre where barges would arrive and leave with goods. There were many warehouses here.

There are now 5 blocks of modernised warehouses, home to today’s nightclubs and restaurants. Merlion Park, Gardens By The Bay, Chinatown, and Singapore Flyer are all close.

You will also find moored tongkangs, or Chinese junk boats, which have been refurbished into floating restaurants and pubs.

Robertson Quay is the area to the west of Clarke Quay. This is also popular with tourists, but not as popular as Clarke Quay. Robertson Quay is more tranquil and relaxed.

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View over a colourful riverfront at night

Quick Facts – Clarke Quay

Clarke QuayHistorical riverside and shopping complex in Singapore.
LocationBesides the Singapore River and the Fort Canning Park.
Opened InRe-developed, modernised, and reopened in 1993.
AttractionsThe best nightlife, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, many hotels nearby.
Walking, cycling, city and river views.
  • Cavenagh Bridge at Clarke Quay is Singapore’s oldest and only suspended bridge. It is so fragile that cattle are not allowed over it.
  • Clarke Quay is also the name of a road, along the quay. A part of which has been converted into a mall.
  • The Hokkien call Clarke Quay gi hok kong si au.
  • 5 restored warehouses host restaurants, clubs, and nightclubs.

Boat Quay is also very close to the Clarke Quay. It is on the other side of the Coleman and the Elgin Bridge. The Asian Civilisations Museum and the Singapore Parliament are both on the opposite bank of the Boat Quay.

Top Things to Do in Clarke Quay

A wooden boat cruising along a river in front of colourful buildings
  • River cruise
    Experience a luxurious river cruise in the vibrant Clarke Quay district of Singapore. Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery and iconic landmarks as you glide along the Singapore River and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Singapore.
  • GX-5 Extreme Swing
    The GX-5 Extreme Swing is an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride that’s not for the faint-hearted.
    Suspended high above the Singapore River, this attraction catapults riders into the air with heart-pounding force, providing a unique perspective of the city’s skyline.
    As you soar through the air, the wind rushes past, and the stunning views of the cityscape unfold beneath you. It’s a daring adventure that combines breathtaking excitement with awe-inspiring sights, making it a must-try experience for thrill-seekers visiting Clarke Quay.
A grand building housing a museum
  • Visit the Asian Civilisations Museum
    It is a renowned institution dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Asian art and culture. With a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits spanning various periods and regions, the museum offers visitors a comprehensive and immersive experience of the rich and diverse heritage of Asia.
    The Asian Civilisations Museum is a must-visit for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the fascinating and complex cultures of Asia.
  • Explore the Fort Canning Park
    By exploring the beautiful and lively Fort Canning Park, you may uncover the hidden jewel of Clarke Quay. Wander through the winding trails and majestic trees of this beautiful park, taking in its rich history and culture.
    Everybody can enjoy Fort Canning Park, which features historical relics and breathtaking views of the metropolitan skyline.
    To learn more about the graves, guns and battles of Fort Canning Park, join in on a walking tour.
Looking up through a circular staircase to the trees beyond
  • Boat Quay
    Take a leisurely stroll around Boat Quay’s waterfront to take in the beauty of Singapore’s Clarke Quay.
    This lovely site is the ideal setting for a romantic evening or an enjoyable day out with friends and family because it offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and the Singapore River.
    Explore the numerous eateries, pubs and stores that line the streets as you take in the sights and sounds of the lively waterfront.
    Anyone wishing to enjoy the finest of Singapore should head to Boat Quay, which is the ideal location whether you’re searching for a tranquil getaway or an exhilarating adventure.
  • Hong San See Temple
    A revered religious landmark that has been there for more than a century is the Hong San See Temple, which can be found in Singapore’s busy Clarke Quay neighbourhood.
    Both visitors and locals like visiting this medieval temple because of its beautiful architecture, elaborate decorations, and peaceful atmosphere.
    A notable cultural relic in Singapore, the temple is devoted to the worship of the Taoist god Xuan Tian Shang Di.
    Visitors can tour the temple’s different halls, shrines and courtyards and become fully immersed in the lengthy history and rich tradition of this antiquated faith.
  • Old Hill Street Police Station
    The Old Hill Street Police Station in Singapore is an iconic, eye-catching building painted in vibrant shades of rainbow colours, making it a must-see architectural gem.
    This historic structure, dating back to 1934, has been transformed into a dynamic arts and cultural hub, showcasing Singapore’s commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing creativity and innovation.
A grand white building with a rainbow of coloured shutters

Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay

While at Clarke Quay enjoy a mouthwatering meal at one of the many riverside restaurants. From local Singaporean dishes to international cuisines, there’s a range of options to satisfy your taste buds.

  1. Little Saigon – Vietnamese food with traditional decor
  2. Red House Seafood Restaurant – Seafood, also caters to big parties
  3. Ramen Santouka – Upscale noodle chain
  4. Hooters – Famous waitresses and wings
  5. Oche – Asian and European food with gluten-free and vegan options
  6. Zorba the Greek Taverna – Authentic Greek cuisine
  7. Hanjip Korean Grill House – Korean barbecue
  8. Sanchos Mexican Bar & Grill – Popular Mexican dishes and, of course, Margaritas.

Best Nightlife at Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay comes alive at night! Dive into the electrifying nightlife scene with bars, clubs, and live music venues. Dance the night away or simply enjoy a drink while overlooking the river.

  1. Zouk – David Guetta, The Chemical Brothers, and Tiesto. Zouk is the first superclub of Singapore, and extremely popular.
  2. Yang Club Singapore – Local and international DJs, cozy place with an oriental vibe
  3. The Chupitos Bar – The club for shots
  4. Attica – Hip hop, house, electronic zones
  5. Phuture – Musically adventuristic, futuristic approach and decor

Zouk in Clarke Quay is regularly listed in the Top 10 best nightclubs in the world.

A colourful riverfront view

Best Shopping

  1. Clarke Quay Central – Modern shopping mall with many restaurants
  2. Riverside Point – Independent stores for homeware, accessories, clothing, souvenirs
  3. Royal Selangor – Tableware, including plates, cutlery, and teapots
  4. Funan DigitalLife Mall – Phones, computers, cameras, TVs, electrical accessories

Staying in Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay also has some good hotels, like the Paradox Singapore Merchant Court, and Park Regis is just across the river. lyf Funan Singapore and Holiday Inn Express are also close. Even the famous Marina Bay Sands is just 7 minutes by road.

Getting to Clarke Quay

There are two different MRT stations that are close to Clarke Quay – Fort Canning on the blue line and Clarke Quay on the purple line. Each station is on a different side of the river, so depending on exactly where you want to go, you can choose the best station.

There are a range of buses that stop at Clarke Quay too, close to Fort Canning. In this area is also a taxi stand if you are searching for a taxi.

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