Mildura Street Art

Looking to explore the Mildura street art? I’ve got you covered.

Mildura. It brings citrus fruits and the Murray River to mind, but it also has a burgeoning art scene, including some fabulous murals.

If you love just wandering when you are visiting a new place and exploring the urban art scene, then this is for you. Here is where to find some of the best pieces of Mildura street art.

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A large mural in bold colours showing a woman holding a crate filled with grapes. There are citrus fruits nearby. Half of the sign says "Mildura, Sunraysia, Vic" and it also includes "9th Street"

This was the first mural we saw, and it put me on the path to looking out for more.

We had found two or three before we went to the Visitor Information Centre where we found a leaflet with more murals listed on it. There is info about the artists and murals too, so worth picking up if you can.

This one can be found on Langtree Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares of the city centre. We drove past it numerous times on our visit.

This was designed by Travis Prince, but painted by Terry “Moose” McGowan with help from Danielle Hobbs and Sophie Cook.

Work, Rest and Play

A multicoloured, abstract mural on the side of a building. The words "feast st" and "Shilladax" are visible

This large mural – so large I couldn’t get all of it in the photo – is found on Shillidays Lane, near where it meets Eighth Street.

Work, Rest and Play was painted by an artist from Scotland simply called Baxter. The mural represents the ways in which the local people interact with the city of Mildura.

Feels Like 41

A mural that says " Today's temperature 27, feels like 41"

Located directly across Shillidays Lane from Work, Rest and Play, I think this one could be my favourite. The day we were visiting it was 40 degrees, and it felt every one of them.

A collaboration between Terry “Moose” McGowan and visiting artist Wendy Murray, this was added to the Mildura streets in 2016.

It was done completely freehand, no stencilled were used here, which shows the talent of these artists.

I noticed this image replicated around the city, on smaller signs and one things like water fountains. It seems to have become an iconic image for Mildura.

Antisocial Collective

A mural on a black wall painted in white. It shows the roofline of a nearby building that has a clocktower, and the words "antisocial collective"

This one is not listed in the tourism leaflet as such, but it does get a brief mention as it is right next to Feels Like 41.

The Antisocial Collective is a local boutique streetwear & skate store from here in Mildura. This just happens to be on the side of that store and was painted to celebrate their 10-year anniversary.

The Streets of Your Town

Looking down a narrow laneway that is painted white. It has black murals of local street scenes painted on either side.

I really liked this mural too. It’s simple and covers the walls all the way down Healy Lane.

It depicts many of the well-known buildings and streetscapes around Mildura in this cartoonish black and white.

A black mural on a white wall showing a cartoon-like streetscape. The words "Langtree Ave" are visible

The mural was painted by many members of the local community and is based on lino prints created by Anita Laurence.


A mural on a wall about multiculturalism. It is mostly blue with red. There are some rubbish bins in front of it

This mural can be found on Linton Lane, just off of Eighth Street. It was created by Alessandro Gandolfo, a visiting artist from Sicily.

Italian is all about multi-culturalism in Mildura, in particular, the Italian influence on the city. It’s one of those murals that the more you look at it, the more small details appear.

Home Grown

A long, colourful, green mural on the side of a red brick building

This long mural was created by Liv McCarten in conjunction with some of the local arts and youth organisations.

Home Grown is an abstract aerial view of the areas around Mildura, showing many of the horticultural features of this region known for its fruit, vegetable and wine production.

It took a little effort for us to find this mural as Gallagher’s Lane is split in two. This can be found just off Deakin Avenue.

Fine & Rare

A beautiful mural featuring birds and flowers. Includes a colourful parrot, a wren and a honey-eater.

How beautiful is this? Canadian artist Adore (Ema Gardner) has done such a beautiful job showing off three of the local birds, the regent parrot, the emu-wren and the blue-faced honeyeater.

Not only is the mural showing off the local wildlife, but it was also considered when the environmentally friendly Graphenstone paint was chosen to paint it.

This mural can be found on Shillidays Lane, but on the opposite side of Eighth Street to the murals mentioned above.

Bowrings Lane

A large mural covering the side of a two story building made up of words in different fonts and colours. The words are Modular, Bowrings Lane, Sunray, Tschirpigs, Bread

You would think, considering that this mural is called Bowrings Lane, that it would be found there, but it isn’t. Instead you will find it on Tschirpigs Lane, on the side of the Bowrings building.

Designed by Travis Price, the elements represent various aspects of Mildura’s history.

There was a large community involvement with the painting, as many volunteers helped Travis paint this over just 2.5 days.

Lemons & Oranges

An image showing two signs - one about lemons and the other about oranges. The signs are each on the side of a building and they have been work with time.

These two historical advertising signs can be found on opposite sides of a building on Pine Street.

Mildura is preserving these signs as part of its history, and there are others to be found across the city too, including signs for iconic brands like Cottees, ETA and Velvet.

Nature Murals

A colourful mural on a red brick wall. The mural shows many robins and frangipanis

Located on the same walls as the Lemons & Oranges signs, I haven’t been about to find very much information about these two murals. They are not mentioned in the leaflet from Visit Mildura either.

A colourful mural filled with red geraniums and blue and yellow macaws

They are clearly done by the same artist and have a lot going on, and are a great addition to brighten up these dull walls.


A m ural showing cyclists riding alongside vineyards with a road sign saying Mildura

Not in the main list in the tourism leaflet, this mural does get a brief mention as an extra mural to look out for.

Found on Olive Street, just off Eighth Street, this mural was another by Terry “Moose” McGowan, showing cyclists riding along the road from Mildura to Merbein.


A mural of three business men in sunglasses with the word Grinders

Also not listed on the tourist leaflet, this mural can be found on the side of Coffee Town Cafe on Bowrings Lane near Ninth Street.

Nash Lane

A mural showing a coffee cup and a colourful pattern. Also includes the words "nash lane"

Just like a repeat of the above, this mural is also not listed in the leaflet and can be found on the side of a cafe, this time Nash Lane on the corner of Pine Avenue and tenth Street.

Coincidentally, when I asked a local about the best place for a light lunch in Mildura, Nash Lane was what she mentioned.

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up eating there, but this could be a good place for you to plan to stop for lunch.

Corporate Moose

This shows two photos. On the left os a stature of a Native American against a mural backdrop with a moose, pine trees and hills. On the right is a corner of a courtyard with a wine barrel and stool in front of a wall with a road sign painted on it saying "Santa Monica, 66, End of the track"

The Corporate Moose is a bar located on Langtree Avenue. There are a range of murals throughout the venue, and there are no issues with you walking in and having a look.

In the front room you will see a large moose-inspired mural, and out in the courtyard are American-inspired murals, like one of Muscle Beach or this Santa Monica sign.

This looked like a great place to stop for a good pub meal and we were tempted, but it was a little early for us to eat, and they didn’t have a great vegan selection.

More Murals

The tourism leaflet mentions a few more murals that I haven’t shared above, mostly historical advertising signs and murals further out of the city, including one on the side of the Holden Museum.

I will leave these as something for you to explore though – because isn’t half the joy in searching for street art the thrill of finding a hidden gem you weren’t expecting?

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