20 Places to Experience the Australian Outback

A woman standing by a dirt road making a heart with her hands in the Australian Outback

The best parts of Australia are not in the cities! I truly believe that! So where? It’s the mountains, the reef, the rainforest and of course, the Outback! Here are the best places to experience the Australian Outback and really learn what this country is about. But Where is the Australian Outback? I’m not sure … Read more

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Australia

A dachshund standing by a red Adirondack chair

Are you travelling around Australia with a pet? I have recently travelled from Sydney to Adelaide with a pet for the first time and it got me thinking – where can I find pet friendly accommodation in Australia? I asked some fellow travel bloggers for some ideas to add to my limited experience. Feature image … Read more

Crossing the Nullarbor

A road sign that says "Nullarbor Plain Eastern End of Treeless Plain"

It’s one of the iconic road trips in Australia, but also one filled with isolation, long distances and the unknown. Here is everything you need to know before crossing the Nullarbor. Whether you’re embarking on this adventure to witness the sheer vastness of the plain, explore its unique geological formations, or simply experience the thrill … Read more

2021 – A Year in Travel

I was just sitting down thinking about this last year of travel. Covid has played a huge role again in 2021, and at first I was thinking I’ve not been anywhere worth mentioning. Maybe I could find five highlights and post them on Facebook. And then I started looking through my photos. Not the ones … Read more