Travel Diaries – Naples

The front of a rustic store in Naples with vegetables, bread, hanging bundles of chillies

Gap Year Days 39 – 43 In Rome, we boarded our Italo fast train for the trip to Naples. The trip was to take just over an hour. As soon as we got out into the countryside the speed slowly climbed, until the train was moving along at 300km/hr! It felt like we sat down, … Read more

Travel Diaries – Budapest

Budapest Parliarment

Gap Year Days 31 – 34 Ahhh, Budapest! We arrived early in the morning after our uneventful overnight train trip from Krakow. We knew we would have to waste some time before we could drop our bags off at our accommodation at twelve, and still couldn’t actually access the apartment until 2 pm, the official … Read more

Travel Diaries – Krakow


Gap Year Days 27 – 30 Getting to Krakow was proving to be a challenge. Our flight (or at least getting on it) was eventful, to say the least. We arrived at Berlin Tegel Airport and as usual head straight to check in. It had been an easy trip to the airport. Only one bus, … Read more

Travel Diaries – Berlin

Holocaust Memorial

Gap Year Days 22 – 27 We arrived into Berlin to rain, almost the story of our trip. Google Maps told us it was a bus, a train, and then another train to get to our accommodation in Kurfürstendamm. After our recent brush with inspectors in Paris, we were particularly keen to ensure we got … Read more

Travel Diaries – Paris

Louvre Paris

Gap Year Days 17 – 21 Paris is one of those iconic cities! I’ve never had a crazy urge just to visit Paris, but there was no way I could do a trip to Europe and bypass it. I had many preconceptions in my head. Paris is the city of romance. Time should be spent … Read more

Travel Diaries – Amsterdam

I Amsterdam Sign

Gap Year Days 14 – 16 We arrived in Amsterdam mid afternoon and endured the usual battle to orientate ourselves. It’s always challenging to get off an international flight, make our way through the airport, get our bags and find our way to the local transport. We need to buy a ticket and find the … Read more

Travel Diaries – Norway

A cute stone bridge over a small river in the city of Oslo Norway

Gap Year Days 9 – 14 We arrived in Norway after a twelve hour economy flight from Singapore to Copenhagen, then a short hop from there to Oslo. We had very little sleep on the flights and we had a two hour wait at the airport for the kids to arrive on their Emirates flight … Read more