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I thought it might be fun to do a recap of my top blog posts for 2018. Have a look through the list. There might be some you missed, or some that can help you with up coming travels in 2019.


#1 Skopje Public Transport


Kids playing in the water feature in the main square of Skopje

You may think this is a bit of a weird one to be number one – I mean, do you even know where Skopje is? I’m fairly sure I had never heard of it before I started planning for my gap year. When we visited there was a distinct lack of information in English on the public transport in the city. It is a great cheap option to get to some of the main attractions which are slightly out of town. I had to cobble together what I could find, what I asked people about and the terrible Google Translate version of the local public transport website. Clearly there are lots of other people looking for the same information, because this post is regularly in my top one or two most viewed posts daily.

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#2 Things to do in Siena, Italy

Siena Italy

Aperol Spritz and a view – a great way to relax in the afternoon

This things to do post lists all the best things to do in Siena, a smallish town not too far from Florence in Italy. We spent four days here at the beginning of the European summer and really enjoyed the combination of the relaxed pace, the great food, and, my favourite, people watching in the main square while sipping an Aperol Spritz. Oh, there are, of course, museums, churches and other attractions here, and Siena is in wine country, so plenty of wine tours are available too.

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#3 A Day Trip to Versailles from Paris

Best Versailles Tour

The Hall of Mirrors

I had such a love/hate relationship with the Palace of Versailles during our trip there. I actually liked the place itself, but the crowds were just too much! Here in Australia we get upset if there are ten people in front of us in a queue, when we reached Versailles there would have been thousands. I am not joking. Have a look at the blog post for a photo. Once finally in, the house and gardens were lovely, the fountains spectacular, the opulence unbelievable. it is worth a visit – if you can avoid the crowds.

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#4 Things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval

This is one of my earliest blog posts, but I have continued to update it and add more ideas and attractions as I have come up with them. Being my home town, it was actually hard coming up with things visitors would want to do, but now that I am more practiced at looking at Adelaide through the eyes of a visitor, I have a very long list of things I could add. The reputation Adelaide has of not having a whole lot to do here is truely undeserved, and I hope I’m doing my little bit to dispel the myth.

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#5 Visiting MONA, Tasmania – a Review for the Artistically Challenged

Mona Fat Car

Fat Car

I know, I can’t quite believe that this post that only went live on my blog a couple of weeks ago has made the top five posts of the year. It seems that everyone wants to read about this controversial art museum. From the quirky back story of a millionaire gambler deciding to build this amazing building to showcase and share his private art collection, to the edgy fascination with sex and death, most people tend to either love MONA or hate it. My suggestion is to go and have a look, then decide for yourself.

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#6 Things to do in Mount Gambier, South Australia

cave garden mount gambier

Umpherston Sinkhole has been turned into a lovely sunken garden

Another one of my local things to do posts, this time about Mount Gambier. We went to see the ghost mushrooms (haven’t heard of them? Click though to my post to find out more), but saw so much more. I hope to get there again in the next couple of months to see the Blue Lake in all it’s glory. Mount Gambier is the perfect overnight stop for a trip between Adelaide and Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road.

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#7 Things to Do in Singapore on a Budget

top places to visit in singapore

The famous Singapore Merlion

Singapore is not known as the most budget friendly location in the world, and this post of some great free and cheap things to do while you are there has been popular. So many people stopover in Singapore for just a day or two on the way to somewhere else, so this is perfect to add some activities to a short itinerary. The post is only a couple of months old so I expect it to keep up there in the top lists for a while.

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#8 Our Ten Biggest Gap Year Failures

Travel Mishaps

The Taj Mahal through the haze

This one is telling me you guys all like to have a laugh at my expense! Or perhaps you just like to see that even people who travel a lot mess up. Or even better, you want to read about where we went wrong so that it doesn’t happen to you. Whatever the reason, if you haven’t read it yet, get on over to the post and find out what the one thing was in our gap year that nearly made me cry.

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#9 Monastery of St Naum – A Day Trip from Ohrid

Monastery of St Naum

The lovely church at the Monastery of St Naum

This one kind of runs hand in hand with the Skopje Public Transport post since they are both in the same country and I link to this one from that post. Most visitors to Skopje also go to Ohrid, a beautiful lake-side resort town. This day trip is a popular one to a significant monastery in the area, which also has a lovely nearby beach and some decent restaurants.

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#10 Free Food Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria

Balkan Bites free food tour

The three different dips offered by one of the restaurants

I think when a post is about a free food tour it’s going to be pretty popular, and so far that seems to be right. I had never heard about free food tours before I found this one in Sofia. Apparently they were the first, but there are now more of them popping up around the world. This was a fantastic way to get to taste both some traditional and some new local foods, and grab a few tips for great places to eat in a city. I will be looking out for more in my future travels.

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So there you have it, my top ten most popular blog posts of 2018. Have you read them all?

It will be interesting at the end of 2019 to look back on this post and see what has been popular then compared to now.

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