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At the end of each month I am going to send out a summary of the highlights of the month and update you on our plans for upcoming trips and activities. Here is the summary for October 2018. Follow me on social media or by email to see the full posts coming up soon.

I’m Back Travelling Again!

It seems a long time since my last flight, but at the end of October I’m back in the air again! I love flying, and I don’t think I will ever get sick of it. Airports and security on the other hand….

First though, the rest of the month, even if there wasn’t a lot on! I did do a wine tour to the Barossa Valley, and I can recommend visiting both Chateau Yaldara and Saltram wineries. Both have beautiful tasting rooms and of course plenty of delicious wines. I was surprised to find decent fortified wines at both too. Since we visited Porto in Portugal, the home of Port wine, and tasted some of the original varieties, I have become more aware. It’s mostly too sweet for me, but I was pleased to find some good South Australian options, although there was still only the tawny blends, not the others offered in Porto.

Chateau Yaldara

One of the beautiful buildings at Chateau Yaldara

I have mentioned the corpse flower (Titan Arum) at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens before, and I finally was able to go and see it in flower. It only flowers for 24-48 hours, and I wasn’t able to see it until the second day, and already the flower was starting to wither a little around the edges. It’s famous for it’s smell of rotting flesh, but I was disappointed that I didn’t even get a whiff of anything bad. Just means I am going to have to wait until another plant flowers and try again!

Corpse Flower Adelaide Botanic Garden

The Corpse Flower is 2 metres tall. Already the petals are wilting and dying off.

I’m still on my mission to write about my favourite museums in Adelaide, and during October I visited the National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide again and also the Bay Discovery Centre at Glenelg. Tandanya has eluded me, with three visits all on days when it was closed, first for staff training and then for setting up an exhibition. It opens up again next week, and I am determined to get there. After that I only have a couple more museums to go to complete my list and can recommend my favourites.

National Railway Museum

One of the old steam trains we rode at the National Railway Museum

And finally, we went on a spur of the moment trip to Alice Springs and Uluru! I had never been there before, and a few things fell in place to make it possible. I was so excited about going and I was not disappointed. I will be writing at least three different blog posts for our trip, so keep an eye out for them coming up soon.

Thorny Devil

This little critter is a Thorny Devil. We came across him as we were travelling from Kings Canyon to Uluru

Coming Up

November continues to be a busy travel month. I am home less than a week after our Alice Springs trip before I get on a plane to visit Hobart in Tasmania. I will be there for the annual Australasian Bookcrossing Unconvention. Basically it’s just a big catch up with lots of other Aussie and New Zealand people, most of whom I have met on multiple occasions before. We have a few touristy things planned in between the eating and drinking, and I am particularly looking forward to doing a day trip to visit Port Arthur, the site of two different types of tragedy since Europeans settled Australia.

Nine days after I return to Hobart I am off again to the Gold Coast. My daughter MacKenzie is competing in the cheerleading national championships, and while in theory she doesn’t need my help, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend a few nights enjoying the Queensland sun.

Catching Up

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Blogging Wins

October was a month where I did a lot of thinking. I’ve been listening to a podcast on blogging called Problogger. While some of the information is now outdated, and other information is just not relevant or I already know about it, every now and then I’ve been learning something new.

My traffic was only just short of being my best month ever by less than 100 page views, and income WAS the best month ever. I’m still earning peanuts, but this month I could cover three celebratory glasses of wine instead of just one!

During October I finally set up my partnerships with Amazon so I can recommend some of my favourite travel gear and you can find it online with just one click to purchase.

See also the new Resources page on my website, sharing with you all the websites I use to book and organise all my travels. There are sites here for flights, accommodation, car hire, insurance and travel gear. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at some of these sites to give you an idea.

While creating things, I set up a new Facebook group called Travel Tips for South Australia. I hope to create a community to help answer questions for those travelling to SA. Please come over and join us!

Have a good month!

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