5 Unique Holiday Ideas For Couples To Try

Going on vacation as a couple should be relaxing and exciting, and it’s something you’ll want to do regularly.

That doesn’t mean you’ll want to go to the same places everyone else goes to and do the same things. Instead, take a look at these unique holiday ideas for couples.

These can be much more interesting, and they’ll even be a decent amount of fun. You and your partner should have a much better time with them.

That begs the question as to what you should actually do. Thankfully, there are countless couples’ holiday ideas to choose from. Some can be much more unique than others, with five being great options, no matter what you’re interested in.

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Holiday Ideas For Couples: 5 Unique Ideas

An aerial photo on a nice sunny day looking across the calm blue sea and along the golden beaches and skyline of the Gold Coast, Australia, one of the great holiday ideas for couples

1. Visit The World’s Largest Underwater Statue

Did you know there are countless statues found underwater around the world? Some of these can be much more beautiful than you’d think. Since you’ll be underwater when you’re visiting them, it offers quite a surreal experience.

Don’t just settle for any statue. Why not try the world’s largest statue?

Found off the Nassau coast, the Ocean Atlas is 5 metres tall and was designed to be placed underwater.

It’s one of the more visually stunning statues you can find, and it offers a great glimpse into history. The design itself also focuses on the struggle young people feel when dealing with climate change.

2. Sail Around Icebergs

Greenland is one of the most visually stunning places on the planet, and it’s always worth a visit. You and your partner will have plenty of things to do, no matter where in the country you go. Even the icy waters can be more than appealing when you’re there.

One of the more popular couples’ vacation ideas for when you’re there is to sail around the many icebergs found in Greenland’s waters. You can even hire someone to sail you around so you can sit back, relax, and take in the views. You’ve no reason not to.

3. Fishing on The Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is one of the more underrated when it comes to vacation ideas for couples.

It can be one of the more romantic places to go, and you and your partner should have an amazing time when you’re there. You’ll have plenty of things to see and do, no matter how long you’re there for.

Even Gold Coast fishing charters can be much more romantic here than you could’ve thought. If you’ve just got a few days, you should have a romance and fun fuelled time. There’s no reason why the two of you shouldn’t enjoy yourselves.

4. Snorkel In The Galapagos

The Galapagos is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and there’s plenty to sea and do as a couple.

One of the more romantic things could be to go snorkeling in the amazing waters found here. There’s plenty of marine life to be found, and the water can be some of the nicest to be in.

You’ll come across plenty of fish types, as well as more than a few giant rays and green turtles. You and your partner should have an amazing time when you’re out of the ocean.

It’ll be a memorable experience.

5. Walk The Path Of The Gods

Found along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the Path of the Gods is found just outside the town of Positano. It boasts stunning views and an amazing time as you travel along it.

While it wouldn’t be the longest walk you go on, it can still be one of the more memorable. The views are well worth it.

It’s routinely been seen as one of the best hikes in Italy, and it’s a great option if you want to be a little active while on your holiday.

You’ll see some beautiful views of the Mediterranean, and there’s plenty to do nearby to keep you occupied later on.

Holiday Ideas For Couples: Wrapping Up

There are countless holiday ideas for couples out there, some of which could be much more unique than others. These can be the most interesting and memorable, and there’s no reason why you and your partner shouldn’t have a lot of fun when you’re there.

They’ll give you unforgettable experiences with memories to last a lifetime. No matter what you and your partner are interested in, these couples’ vacation ideas could be worth considering.

There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from giving them a try.

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