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This will be the last of my monthly summaries. These were great to keep everyone up to date while we were travelling, but now that we are mostly at home and taking short trips, they are not so useful. Almost all of the information in these monthly posts will now be found in the fortnightly newsletters I send out by email. Sign up here to get the updates.



Happy New Year

Wirrabara silo art

New South Australian silo art, this time in the small town of Wirrabara

I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday season, either having a relaxing break or squeezing in some extra work. I did a quick road trip to visit my parents, but other than that I have had a relaxing month, catching up on work that needed to be done after spending more days away than home in November.

I was also lucky enough to receive a fantastic early Christmas present from Scoot, a budget Singaporean airline. I won two tickets to anywhere in their network! It was a Facebook competition, and I found out on Christmas Eve I had won, but I need to wait until I receive all of the details to decide exactly where I am going to go.I can’t decide if I want to go somewhere new in Asia (Taiwan maybe? Or Harbin, China, for the ice festival? Maybe even the Maldives to lay on a beach?) or if I just want to go back to Singapore for a few days and stuff my face with delicious food.

December also saw me start on booking accommodation for our trip to Europe. I found this really cute hostel in Brussels called Train Hostel. Some of the rooms are actually in train carriages. I’m looking forward to staying here and checking it out. Click here to have a look at it.


Coming Up

Kangaroos in the stubble

An early morning breakfast – kangaroos in the stubble

January will be another quiet travel month. It’s summer holidays here in Australia, which makes it the peak time to travel. Like most budget travellers, we do our best to avoid peak times, so that means for us January is a great month to stay home. It’s also a hot month, which makes spending extended amounts of time outside almost impossible. As I write this is it 41c, and I am trying not to melt. Even for me, who prefers the heat, that is starting to get a little on the warm side.

I am thinking at this stage that we might take the Scoot trip in February. Simon has a window where he can have 8 days off work so I think that will be a perfect break. It will also still give us a few weeks at home before we head off to Europe in April for six weeks.


Catching Up

Langmeil Winery oldest Shiraz vines

I did not know that we possibly have the oldest Shiraz vines in the world right here in the Barossa Valley, at Langmeil Winery

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Blogging Wins

Adelaide Street Art

A piece of street art in the Adelaide CBD I came across for the first time this month

Finally in December I fixed (or at least think I fixed) an issue with my website I have had for a few months now, and I’m finally seeing some small improvements with Google traffic that is making me feel more optimistic about the months to come.

I was also lucky enough to have had my MONA post shared by the Tasmania facebook page, so that provided a bit of a traffic boost in the middle of the month too. As such, December has been my best month ever for page views, and I’m excited to end the year on a high.

Income is a different story. Website sales have been slow, although I have seen a few small bookings that will hopefully become income in the next few months (I don’t count on it until the stay/activity has happened since they can be cancelled).

I mentioned last month that I had been doing some writing for another website. Well, I’m all done, but my work is not yet live. Since this will be my. last summary post, I’ll leave the link here. Not surprisingly, I contributed to the Adelaide  section, so you will be able to see my work here once it goes live.

Just a reminder about the new Resources page on my website, sharing with you all the websites I use to book and organise all my travels. I have added some more websites and some more information too. There are sites here for flights, accommodation, car hire, insurance and travel gear. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at some of these sites to give you an idea.

And finally, another plug for my Facebook group called Travel Tips for South Australia. I hope to create a community to help answer questions for those travelling to SA. Please come over and join us!

Take care and travel well.


November 2018 Summary

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