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At the end of each month I am going to send out a summary of the highlights of the month and update you on our plans for upcoming trips and activities. Here is the summary for August 2018. Follow me on social media or by email to see the full posts coming up soon.

The month of…Hibernation??

It finally happened – the winter cold got to me and I did precisely nothing during August, so this will be a nice, short, blog post. What DOES a travel blogger write about when they haven’t been travellling? Hmmm…. It could be really short – I am sitting here struggling to come up with a single thing to tell you all about. Even the one exciting thing I had planned for the month – a wine tour – ended up being cancelled when I came down with a cold and ended up sitting on the lounge for a few days instead.

I did catch up on a whole pile of trashy television while I was feeling sick and sorry for myself. I am not a huge tv person, most days my hubby and daughter will have it on, but I rarely sit and actually watch anything. I discovered the new Netflix series “Dark Tourist” which showed me a whole new side of the tourism industry, but apart from that, there really is some rubbish on the box! Oh, if you have Netflix, watch the cooking show “Nailed It!”. Hilarious! Some may say it’s a little too close to home for me since I cannot cook even basic things, but boy was it funny!

I did brave the cold and the rain earlier in the month to make my way to the beautiful Adelaide Oval to watch my first AFL (Australian Football League) game in over two years. I got seats right up in the nosebleed section to ensure I was well under the roof when the expected downpours began. I used to be an avid fan, going every week my team was playing at home in Adelaide. Life got hectic, then we went off travelling, and it’s been hard to get back into it this season. It was still heartbreaking to see my team lose with a goal by the other team after the final siren, but hey, that’s sports for you!

Adelaide Oval

There is nothing quite like the spectacle of AFL being played at Adelaide Oval as the dark clouds roll in.

I also finally renewed my library membership and spent the month pawing over Rick Steve’s Germany 2018 travel guide. I’m normally a Lonely Planet girl, but the current Lonely Planet Germany edition was brought out in 2016 so when I saw this 2018 book on the shelf, I snapped it up. And do you know what? I actually quite enjoy the Rick Steve’s style. I’d downloaded some audio guides on his app last year but didn’t end up using them, I will have to make a better effort when we are in Europe next year.

Coming Up

September – ahhhh, spring! Sunshine and sneezing! And we are starting it off by finally doing that day of wine tasting I had to cancel. We will be heading up to the Adelaide Hills and have a few wineries we would like to try out. When I was still employed, I worked for a wine logistics company so had no trouble keeping my wine rack stocked. Now it’s looking a little on the empty side, and I’m looking for some new favourites. Rather than a beautiful sunny start to spring, it looks cold and rainy, so rather than sipping wine on a deck overlooking the vineyards, the day might instead be spent sipping wine around an open fire! I’ll let you know how it goes next month.

It’s also Royal Adelaide Show time here in South Australia. I used to love going as a kid. We’d get our showbags,  do the Yellow Brick Road, go see the animals, have a ride or two and win a prize on the clowns. We would eat way too much fairy floss then fall asleep waiting for the fireworks. I’m not so keen on it these days, it just seems to have become a hugely expensive day out. We won a double pass for entry at a quiz night a couple of weeks ago, and since it’s Father’s Day this weekend I told MacKenzie to take Simon to the Show! I might yet go too if the weather isn’t totally gross.

I have a couple of days pencilled in for a road trip later in September. I haven’t decided on the location yet. I have an urge to travel a bit further afield to towns like Port Lincoln, Streaky Bay or Coober Pedy, but they are all about a full day’s drive each way and just not doable in the time frame. I am going to have to come up with somewhere a little closer to home.

Plitvice Lakes Colours

Beautiful Plitviče Lakes National Park

Catching Up

In case you missed them, here are my August blog posts:
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Brighton Beach Houses Melbourne

The colours of the Melbourne beach boxes

Blogging Wins

It’s not been my favourite month of blogging ever, but there are times in every job where you need to just power through. It definitely didn’t help that I was sick, but it was good to just not think about the blog for a few days while I was recovering. It definitely can become a little bit of an obsession continuously checking the stats.

And about the stats, August was a little below last month on page views, but I made a little more money which is a good thing. Surely that viral post I’m going to write is coming soon 🙂 (Remember when I wrote The Best Post Ever?)

One of the things I am doing is going through my old posts and re-editing the photos to improve the quality and adding in new information. This month I updated my post about the Melbourne Beach Boxes and the absolutely stunning Plitviče Lakes National Park in Croatia.  Have a look at them to see the new, improved versions.

In September I will be continuing on with researching and writing about wine tours for another one or two SA wine regions and I have a couple posts I am keen to write just for fun if I get the time. Remember, shares, comments and clicks always help me out and I would love to know any questions or suggestions you may have, particularly if there is something in South Australia you would like me to investigate.

Until next month, take care.

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